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Just welcomed a new puppy to your home? It’s time for clumsy kisses, wet snuggly noses, and unconditional love like no other! 🐶 ❤️

And in return, make sure your newest family member is happy and healthy!
Bring them to the Premiere Animal Wellness and Surgery (PAWS) for their first check-up and get a FREE Simparica Trio dose!

Just one dose of this monthly chewable:
✅ Prevents heartworm disease
✅ Kills 5 species of ticks
✅ Prevents infections that can cause Lyme disease
✅ Kills fleas before they can lay eggs
✅ Treats & prevents flea infestations
✅ Treats & controls roundworms and hookworms

We’ll make your pup’s first visit as relaxed and stress-free as possible and give them lots of love (and treats!😇).

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